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hollie hock

Hello everyone

Been out generally clearing the beds and spotted a couple of these.  .


Not the clearest pictures.


The leaves seem to be growing from some sort of crown which is above the soil level. Any ideas? Thanks


Mine look the same, think its the wet weather,  it's a primula deniculata, Tall stems above rosettes with ballflowers on top (usually pink)

hollie hock

Thanks very much. I do remember having some of these in pots before I moved here, and did plant them out. Don't think they did much if anything last year so had forgotten all about them. Will look forward to seeing the flowers, I'm assuming that over time they will spread


Watch out for vine weevils - you'll see great mouthfuls eaten out of the edge of the leaves - it happened to mine last year and I used nematodes as soon as the soil was warm enough and it sorted the blighters out.  I shall apply another lot this year when the soil warms up to try to eradicate the little blighters 

hollie hock

Hi Dove, thanks for the info, that might explain why they were non existant last year. Have been reading others thoughts about nematodes and I am thinking about using them

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