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What plant is growing in my garden?


Sorry, too blurry to make out.

Quercia Ilex - Holm Oak? Could be wrong...have a look and see what you think 

Quercus not Quercia....Stupid autocorrect! 


I don't think that's an evergreen is it Michuk. A bit of extra info is always useful. 

colour of flowers?

It is very blurred though and hard to see


I hope its not a tree - its too big for where it is. 


FYI - i just taken on this garden so trying to work out what everthing is. I am new to gardering.



Can you get a clearer pic of that one Michuk?  I can either have tiny or blown up and blurred.

I can see what's probably Lonicera nitida 'Baggeson's Gold'  in the bottom RH corner

I wondered pittosporum but maybe the leaves are too wrinkled?


A young Cornus kousa?

does this close up help?



I'm not familiar with Cornus kousa (Bamboogie's suggestion), except at a distance but I think a cornus of some sort is likely.

It may be a seedling, some do seed around and it seems too close to a wall to have been planted. I don't think it's a climbing plant.

not the quercus or pittosporum

Yes, agree with Nut - it's a Cornus.


That's a much better photo!

It has flower buds forming so not a Cornus kousa, they have bracts.

So i'd go for a type of Cornus alba.

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