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I got a plant as a gift but I don't know what it is? It's looking tired so I need to know what it is :P


Not good with these plant Id things but it looks like a deceased....deceasing....camelia, Anne

the edges on the leaves are smooth though? and yeah thats why i need to know so i can look after it properly !

I think it's a poorly rubber plant - Ficus elastica.

Assuming it's a houseplant, and that it is, in fact, a rubber plant,the above should be of interest. (sorry, you'll have to copy and paste the link.)

Have you been watering it throughout the winter?


I also think it's a rubber plant.

thank you! I got it 2 days ago it travelled from london to manchester in a train then a car, when i got it it looked like that so i re potted it, fed and watered it , cut the dead leaves off and sprayed it. that was yesterday. When it was bought it looked alive so it went like that probably because of the journey im guessing and temperature changes

I was a bit slow hitting submit - answering phone at work Duh!
There you go. Got it wrong again. I'll get my coat......

I just did a search using google image search this  was one of the visually similar images

 You never know it might recover


Its a rubber plant as posted above. These are grown outdoors in some places and do extremely well.

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