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Good morning all. I hoped I might pick your collective brains for ideas of something to grow in an unusual spot in our garden. Our house is an old mill and the water wheel is still attached. There's no river or water at the wheel now, but as it's in a ditch water does collect making the ground boggy at times but never flooded. The spot gets plenty of daylight but not really sunlight. I would like to grow something there all year round. In summer it's full of ferns and things Ibcan't identify, but I would enjoy something all year round. Have you any suggestions? I'll try and add a photo so you have a better of the spot I mean. Thanks for your help

What about a winter flowering clematis?  It could be in a large tub by the wheel and twine it's way through it - some need sunny spots but there are a couple that I think could cope with the shade 

and then you could have some others that flower in the spring and summer as well.

And you could have some tubs on the ledge on the left, and then have some of the herbaceous clematis trailing down - Edward Pritchard would look lovely tumbling over the edge. 


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