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My standard bay laurels have been leafing like mad which they haven't done in recent years. 


Meadowsweet i the bog garden is ENORMOUS and I noticed some in the wild much taller and denser than normal.  My one rose has flowered continuously for weeks and weeks with no sign of the buds letting up - will definitely try to water more in hot years in future. 

Self-set calendular and giant nasturiums are everywhere and flowering abundantly.  The lupins have been stunning but the leaves are like lace curtains from the slugs n snails now

What a lovely thread - we were looking at photos of the garden this time last year and bemoaning the lack of sun this July, so it's nice to think about which things are doing well! I think in my garden it's less that things aren't growing (most of them are), and more that there just haven't been any of those wonderful golden evenings to sit out with a glass of wine and appreciate it. Or properly hot Saturday afternoons when you can spend the day working in the sun and then feel you've really earned a Pimms and some time flopping on the grass. Oh well - maybe one day the lawn will stop squelching like a sponge every time you walk across it...



We had hailstones the size of marbles last week and the garden already unhappy was battered by them. all my hostas, pumpkins, courgettes, nasteruims - anything will a flat wide leaf, got punctured by the hail


 On top of that the slugs and snails that are constantly having parties in my boarders, its been so wet that i haven't fed anything this year so its all sulking in their pots, the hollyhocks have rusted away to nothing. My roses all seem to of got black spot and its never dry enough to spray them. And everything else has been eaten by the bl00dy snails 

The garden is a total state

My irises were amazing in April/May from all the rain.

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