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Some new plants I got recently- Gaultheria procumbens and the Jap Anemones 'Whirlwind' are covered in buds and flowers. The violas are lovely and I still have flowers on an oak leaf hydrangea. Dianthus too.

Next doors mahonia is looking great. Reaches just below bedroom windows and is tipped with wonderful yellow spiked bowls which catch the sun ( when we have some). Might post a pic later.
Secret Squirrel

I still have French Marigolds in full bloom. Although we have had three nights of frost here in Aberdeen, so I do not think they will last long.

Begonia in a hanging basket still in an unheated greenhouse, also an annual fushia hanging on in there.


Wow some really colourful gardens still going strong in November.  I have some pink cosmos, deep pink hollyhocks (well just the top blooms), my Pierre de Ronsard rose has not one leaf on it but there are at least a dozen big blooms, primroses have made a comeback and the tall yellow daisy like flower (helianthus?) is still going strong.  The sedum is just turning brown now. I also have some mixed pink geraniums looking reasonably respectable in window boxes.  Oh yes my choisyas are in full bloom too.  It's a lovely sight in autumn this year.

Aconitum stainless steel still has plenty of flwers.  And yellow hellebore has flowers too.


Still have begonias, New Guinea busy Lizzie, pelargoniums, lobelia, all doing well in pots dotted around patio and garden. Garden is still full of cosmos, antirrhinums, penstemons, and the garage roof is covered in flowering honeysuckle.Pinch me; it is November isn't it?

Hiya pentillie, 

I have some new guinea impatiens.  too in flower, forgot those.

Agree,,it's a funny feeling November.........maybe it will be the same next month and january and..........!  Last Monday it was almost hot here and if the sun does appear it could be very nice today.  


Consider yourself pinched. It is indeed November and Monday is a public holiday here in France so I know what I'll be doing all weekend.  Already the sun is shining and there is a glorious golden glow across the garden. (The tiny downside is that it shows up all the grime and finger prints on my windows - but who cares).  I must go and check the forecast...


my giant scabious, penstemons, rose, and verbena rigida..


anthony mcglen

its all wonderfull is it mot all those flowers, i have hardy fuchsias still flowering and i have new shoots on my peony just popingthere heads out of the ground

Got a bed of winter flowerimg heathers now showing their first flowers?  Love heathers.  Used  grow a lot itching to grow,more again 


My dahlias are still flowering, i had to dig most of them up. To get ground mulched.

Picked last of the second blooming of delphs for indoor vase. Lots of things still going and the baskets in the conservatory are still very good,

flowering rose

my clematis called Indian star,flowering away over my arch.

Highland Jeannie

Finally got rid of the cosmos plants, they were still flowering but very puny, also the sweet peas & pelargoniums.  Anthemis tinctoria is still going in the shady back but finished in the sunny front,verbena bonnies, phlox, heucheras, sedum spectabile, v. tall pink daisy-thingy, fuchsias genii & riccartonii, bacopa, large scabious, primroses, lychnis coronaria pink, osteospermum, alpine strawberries, a rose or 2 & a couple of summer bedding things I can't remember the names of are still flowering, but only just!  I hate pulling out things if there's any flowers left, so in some cases you have to look closely for the flowers!!

However the Mexican daisies, gaulthiera procumbens, heathers & rudbeckia marmalade are all flowering really well.

The sun's gone from the back garden now - will have to wait until about mid-Feb for a sighting.

We've got fuschias, agapanthus, sedum, rose and bedding begonias 



This weekend's night temperatures will finish off some of mine


Yes I think mine will go shortly too.  I did cut back a lot yesterday but couldn't bear to cut everything down so have left a few lovely blooms and think next weekend will be the last of them.

Toad Lillies-Tricyrtis are still looking good after frosts and Nerines in North East

Highland Jeannie

Oh yes, my toad lilies are still vg too, also forgot the clary sage & sidalceas/mallows - small flowers but several spikes with lots of flowers on. The hardy geraniums have been very good but the frosts seem to have done for them now.













 Still quite a few flowers hanging on

Still had no frosts here yet and none forecast for the near future either