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My Penstemon still has a couple of small flowers on it :P

Nothing else of note really, waiting for all the bulbs to pop up!

I am amazed by my carnations...........sown last year from a free packet of seed..........

still flowering ( and plenty of buds too ) despite the rubbish weather.  I really should have trimmed them back weeks ago but now I'll leave them til later.

Talking of free seeds, plants given away with orders............I have a small azalea given as a freebie last year and I have been pleased with it.

Anyone else had free seeds/plants which have really done well ?

Still have gazanias, bidens and pelargoniums flowering.  They haven't stopped 


I've also got pelargoniums flowering, but they are in the GH. Put them in to overwinter and they are growing & flowering.


Schizostylis Mrs G.   Don't worry - you can get pills for it...

or Kaffir lily 

While it's been good to have had our money's worth  from annuals this past season, I'm wondering how some of the perennials  are going to fare this year, especially  if there's no hard weather at all to knock them back. Will it affect their vigour if they've had no proper dormant period?  

Verd- you have a long season down there normally, what would you reckon?



Philippa my free Cosmos purity from GW mag did brilliantly, slow to flower but went on and on. Still have some left so will grow again this year.

Fairy, I guess there is a limit to how long a plant can flower gazanias for example have been constantly flowering since before June.  For,this reason I will replace in spring.  However it has meant a winter of summer colour from these plants ......odd tho that I have some snowdrops flowering almost alongside.  Summer flowerers with winter blooms 

Perennials will have their dormancy though I think.  It's not just cold weather but light too.....daylight length .......that affects dormancy.  I won't worry about perennials not doing their bit in spring or summer because they will.

I also have tender  yellow African hybrid osteospermums in flower.....again not been out of flower since last summer    They will be thrown out in spring but will have done their job well by then 



Interesting Verdi. I always forget about the light levels - and of course we all have differing conditions which has a big impact.  You have  milder winters so many plants are hardy with you that wouldn't stand a chance with me. We get light till later in the day because we're farther north so that makes a difference and  so on. I've got Verbena bons which are as green as they were last summer and lots of plants which should look pretty sad and tired by now are looking ready for the new season. 


Roses were out last week before I gave them a haircut, pansies, white bacopa is still in flower, helichrysum, helibore and snowdrops, winter jasmine. In the g/h; alstromera, pelagoniums and penstemon. None of these are flowering profusely, but it serves to remind me that the year has 'turned' and spring cannot be far away.

Fairygirl wrote (see)

Schizostylis Mrs G.   Don't worry - you can get pills for it...

or Kaffir lily 


Not that one Fairy - I ve looked it up and it's 'erodium pelargonilorum'. No pills needed just feel better looking at it! So so pretty, it was flowering when I got it at a 'Flowerpower' plant sale and is still going now, just love it.



who'd have thought it - can just cut n paste from previous pic to here! My brains just astound me at times! So I.T. savvy!


You're getting good MrsG - cutting and pasting!

I was looking at the next picture 

The foliage looks so fresh on that pic doesn't it? 


It's done really well with little attention, just in it's pot, sitting in a sheltered spot next to the GH.



 The Hebe hasn't stopped flowering.

Several fuchsias have kept their leaves and have flowers and developing buds! I shall hate cutting them down in the next week or two....

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