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Today at 19:32

David Spikes, I agree about Box; to me it smells of Tom Cats, but no one else seems to be able to smell it

Today at 19:59


Ginger lilies (hedychium densiflorum) and tomatoes still providing 



Today at 20:10

Lovely hedychium.

and a novel method of securing tomatoes, but it obviously works.

Today at 20:17

Thanks fidget, it can get very windy here, so I grow them as climbers! Just need some sun to ripen them off now....

Today at 20:21

Nice hedychiums ....down here they spread too too much.  Had various varieties and gave them to a friend who has acres.  So I still get to see them.  For me they also,have nice scent 

Bamboogie, lovely garden 

Today at 20:29

Brilliant Bamboogie! We have to do whatever works for our own plot 

I like the smell of Cimcifugas too Verd, and I agree about the foliage - striking.

Hate hawthorn blossom - I think that smells of cat pee 

Today at 20:48

Thanks Verdun and Fairygirl, I agree, H.densiflorum is a bit of a brute, but shallow rooting so easy for me to control. I do love the gingers! I've also got H.gardnerianum and H.greenii but not in flower yet. Yeah scent is lovely, strong in the morning I find, like lily of the valley.

Today at 20:50

I agree about box too, hate the smell. Thanks for the names of the heleniums, Verdun. I've just ordered one called "Red Jewel" - anyone know it?

Today at 21:01

Oooo Lizzie - spotted Red Jewel on Hardys website this morning ..... But they were out of stock.  Let me know what its like !!

Today at 21:23

Sorry Busy, I only grow the Sahin Heleniums, i've tried to make/grow a prairie style border on top of a bank this year with mixed results. The heleniums, rudbeckia, stipa and pennisetum have done ok, but I got echinacea 'mistral' instead of regular purpurea and so are only 15 cm tall and rather lost!

Today at 22:19

Bamboogie, ??ou seem to enjoy plants I do.  

Removing hedychiums actually was quite a workload.  3 year old plants had huge woody and very lomg and deep roots.  Main issue was that nothing else could grow in an increasingly large area .  I guess cannas do something similar too so I divide these every 2 or 3 years 

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