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Hi all, I believe this photo was taken about 2 weeks ago (in the UK) and looks like the shrub might be an evergreen but not sure. I've circled it. If anyone knows, would really be helpful!


PS: Full photo is here if it helps:


had a look , but the photo is too small for me to see, and I'm not clever enough to make it bigger. Sorry.

Well, luckily I've managed to find an ever bigger one


It looks like a composite plan of items stuck together to give an idea of what something will look like overall. I do not believe this is a real photo.  the circled bit is not high definition enough  to show what is is other than a variegated shrub.



I think it's highly unlikely that photo was taken in the UK this year - it shows clematis montana and lilac both in full bloom and it's far too early for them to be flowering yet.  

My best guess is that the shrub you indicate is one of the Weigelas, possibly this one  , but it's hard to tell without a better photo of the shrub itself. 

And yes, I agree with Fidget,  it's a sort of montage of a photo with some images superimposed. 


Can't open any of those links

It may be a rather bushy salix, it's very difficult to see even using the magnifier.


I can't see it well enough but it's much too open in growth for box.

Could it be a variegated dogwood? e.g cornus elegantissima


I wondered about dogwood; can't really see any stem colour but of course that doesn't mean it's not a cornus - a better photo would help but I don't think we're going to get one - and if Spunko just wants a shrub that looks more or less like that, then he may well be happy with weigela 

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