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In February I started some Thompson and Morgan harebell seeds. I carefully nurtured them until they were ready to harden off and transplant. I was a little surprised when the biggest seedling sprouted a viola flower. Now the next biggest is as pictured below - it has campanula - like characteristics but the flower is not a harebell. I will admit that I didn't use sterile compost, but it doesn't look like a weed,or anything I've grown before! Any ideas?!




Not a clue without the pic 

 sorry, the upload thingy vanished


it's a tiny pic on this netbook. I'll have a look on the grownup computer later on unless someone IDs it before then



and maybe they have 


I think its only a definite maybe .... 


or even a posibly perhaps.....


I've blown it up and the flower looks like a mimulus but I don't know the leaves well enough to say one way or the other.


I seem to remember quite a smallish mimulus with similar leaves - I'm going to ask Mr Google 

It does indeed look like a mimula, the leaves look a lot like the one on the interseeds site. I'd found the Thompson and Morgan ones - looks like they may have got their seeds mixed up. I will eagerly await the flowering of the others. Thanks!

Update - it's a mutant - it now has harebell flowers out the top and the red ones on the bottom!







I think you have two separate plants in there.

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