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Afternoon all, 
Toiling in my veg patch on a lovely summers eve, thought I'd be naughty and have a look at how my parsnips are coming on, and the roots don't look like parsnip roots! 
Looks like I forgot my label my plants. 
Any ideas what they are guys?!?





Katherine I can't enlarge the photo but the tops look like parsnip to me. What does the root look like ? I wouldn't expect much root now. However I'm no expert so hopefully someone else will reply to you


The one in the middle and the leaf to the upper right are tomatoes!

They are all the same, with lettuce in the background. I've never even brought tomatoes seeds!!!

Bob I can only see lettuce and one plant, sideways on, and can't see a tomato

I'm off to spec savers asap



Tomatoes have a very distinctinctive smell to the leaves, easily confirmed or eliminated. I can't it see clearly enough to offer an opinion

If you can get a Parsnip to form on that plants root, save to seed - you'll make a fortune 

Mark 499

They are Tomatoes, not Parsnip.


You don't have to buy tomato seeds, just throw a few over-ripe ones on the compost heap and the seeds will be distributed by whoever ate the fruit.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have some tomatoes in my vegetable garden which I didn't plant !. Very nice bonus , particularly as I had decided not to grow any this year. Freebies will taste even sweeter.

I thought you could only grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. 

Well, bonus tomatoes will do! I guess I will see as soon as they start to flower.
Thanks guys.

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