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Hello, I would like some advice on when to prune back my verbena, i have left it all winter and im not sure what to do with it now. Do i chop it close to the base as these bits still look green, any advice would be greatly appreciated

Gary Hobson

The tops of mine all die. So I cut them down to around the base.

I haven't actually done it yet. I find it useful to leave the dead top bits until the Spring, as they remind me just where the plants are. Hopefully I'll see some green shoots coming up around the bases, and then I'll cut off the dead stems.

I agree with Lyon. However I find seedlings produce the best flowering so I always pot a few up and discard old plants. Besides, the old plants look tatty over winter and take up space I could plant a wallflower in

The best time to prune verbena is in the spring once the risk of frost has gone. So probably not best to do it just yet as the cold weather is still around but hopefully spring will arrive within the next few weeks.


Thankyou for your advice! sorry its taken ages to reply im not on often, i will leave it a few weeks then, i really hope spring comes soon!  .  

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