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Hi everyone, I don't no wether I'm in the right place or not.  I have a beautiful wild flower in my back garden. It is very prickly on the stems and leaves and has clusters of beautiful pinky blue flowers on it. I am sure I have seen it on either gardeners world or A - Z of gardening and am not sure if its poisionous. I remember they said that only a certain insect can go on it as the prickles stop other insects from climbing it.  I would love to know the name of it. If it's poisionous as I have 2 dogs and 5 cats. I don't want to get rid of it and would love it to spread round the garden.  Any help would be very much appreciated.


Hi Ragdoll  Could you take a photo of it - of the whole plant, and the flowers and the leaves - to post photos on here you click on the little pic of the tree on the toolbar above where you post your message and follow the instructions

In the meantime don't worry too much about your pets - most have much too much sense to eat something that prickly even if they don't seem to 


Hi Dove,  I will take one on my phone


Hmm, don't know if they load from phones - they might do - you might be cleverer than me - or have a more up to date phone 





 Hi Dove, these are the pictures of wildflowers my ladybirds are on and a rock next to them with some lava and photo of lava thats due to hatch, also wildflower with prickly stems which I want to know what it is.





That's Borage  - with the blue/pink 'star' flowers - ragdoll. Lovely pix!


The 2nd two are borage, which is edible. You can put the flowers in water in ice cube trays and have pretty ice cubes. I'm afraid the first two are a bit too blury for me to see properly.


Yes, three and four are borage - bees love them, pick the flowers and put in  your Pimms! 

The first two look like a type of lamium, but too blurry to identify properly, sorry.

Wild about Flowers
What a lovely plant! Will have to try that in my wildflower garden
next year! Great photos too.

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