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Hi Dave 19.  Just been following your thread. I must have bought the same pansies and wallflowers as you. My pansies finally started flowering two weeks ago. There is still no sign of any buds on the wallflowers though. Have you had any luck with yours yet.


hey dave 19....i just bought my pansies from the *depot* two days ago....planted them in pots perched on my front porch then we get freeze warnings....brought them in the first night, then i've been reading that they can handle i guess we'll see.....i'm a new gardener too....i've done lots of inside potted plants.... i'm the queen of the avocado jungle....but the outside thing is new to me....this is the 2nd year we're doing an outside garden.....learning to farm as i go!!! it's definitely rewarding to see the new growth shoot up and getting to harvest the yummy veggies.... thank goodness for neighbors with tractors!!!

Same problem here with violas so it's encouraging to read that there may be hope yet. Not a flower in sight yet.  I've got them in hanging baskets ... can I just ask - are they perennials and if so, can I just put the basket out of the way in the shade for the summer and bring them back for next winter?  Should I water them in the summer? (sorry to hijack the thread with a different question)

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