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 Sorry about the pic including about 8 different plants! I just don't know what the lovely tall purple flower is!  Thank you!


I dont know but I like your supporty things


They are nice supports

It's a campanula, maybe a persicifolia cultivar


How do you retain so many names Nut? I struggle to remember what my cats are called, let alone 1000001 plant names!


I don't know much else SP so there's room for plenty of plants



I think it looks like Campanula Persicfolia "Pride of Exmouth", a more unusual one as it's semi double.


I knew this one too 

SP, I only know what I have in my garden 


It's beautiful.


Ooh thank you everyone! I wonder where that came from?! My supporty things were from the Malvern Spring Festival. If I can find the flyer for the chap that made them I will post it. Have a good day.


they are beautiful,got some large campanula seeds given to me , will definitely plant now

If you cut them back after they flower they will grow again, you can get them in white.  Clumps get bigger each year.  Stake them early as wind and rain can knock them over.

Thanks everyone! Colleen, when you say 'cut them back' do you mean right back to nothing or just take off the top bit where the flowers are (Gosh that was technical....). They have at least just survived an hour long torrential downpour and storm. Phew!


Right down Clem. The whole flower spike 


I agree, cut them to the ground and they'll be back!

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