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Yew Hedges - too dangerous near toddlers?

Advice needed on how easy it is to be poisoned by Yew Hedges

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We are contemplating getting a Yew Hedge, but have been told that the berries are poisonous.   How dangerous is it?  We have young children, so would it be irresponsible to have this sort of hedge?  Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


If your yew is regularly pruned/clipped, it is unlikely to have berries. Yew makes a nice hedge. There are lots of poisonous things in gardens. Most are so bitter that kids are likely to spit them out.

As they get older, teach them that they don't put anything in their mouths unless you have OK'd it.

Hello Heidi, as fidgetbones says, the main thing is to teach children to ask before they touch. If we were to worry about which plants could kill us we wouldn't have much in the garden. Even buttercups are lethal!

Thank you fidgetbones, thank you waterbutts. That has given me the reassurance I was hoping for.


It is the black centres of the berries that are poisonous.  The birds, especially thrushes love the coloured bit.  I doubt you will get berries on a hedge, they are usually on a yew tree.

Otherwise, an excellent choice.


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