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Hi there

I was talking to the neighbour about plants etc, and she said she had a plant that has popped up, but didn't know exactly what it was!

I  mentioned how I had used this forum to identify my Acanthus Mollis and Leycesteria, so said I may see if I can help her out by identifying her mystery plant.

Its likely to be a annual as it she thinks it came from a seed packets that contains a load of different seeds, but as she hasn't got the packet she's curious to know what it is

I have attached a photo so any thoughts would be welcome.

Apologies if I have posted something which in a few weeks start to produce corgettes, but you are dealing with a real amateur here!

Thanks as always

Darren - doing his bit for neighbourly relations!




I don't know what it is, but it looks like it has a flower developing in the middle, so wait till that opens then take another picture Darren for someone on the forum to help. 

looks like a small jerusalem artichoke to me



Def. not a courgette! The way the bud is reminds me of a China Aster, which is an annual, but it's years since I've grown them.


We await the flower then......

I agree it's a Sun flower possibly Irish eyes.

Could well be a sunflower, looked on Google.


its a low growing sunflower, i think.


It does look like a sunflower.  I know you mentioned a seed packet but do you or your neighbour have a bird table or feeder?

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