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Help!  These things are taking over my life.  I've no house plants that could be giving shelter to this.  Is it normal for them to try overwintering in houses?  It was alive and well and half way up a door frame


Not caught any this year, but I found  few at my kitchen window last winter. Double glazing has enough ventilation to allow them to enter. They do like some house plants and will lay eggs if it suits them in house plants.

Do you have any window boxes or containers close to the house? It has been mild and they may well be seeking shelter through open doors or windows.

Well, I don't have any house plants other than an orchid bought recently.  I do have pots close to the house though.  Right next to a double glazed window Put there for shelter.



I live in an old stone farmhouse in France and we always have some in the house, along with shield beetles (or stink bugs), ladybirds and spiders. Just a fact of life you get used to. Makes me laugh when I see the horror on people's faces when they see insects indoors on programmes like "Four in a Bed" on TV!

Can anyone tell me abouy the parott plant is it a indoor plant or can  it  stay oot= side in a pot in the winter  - itis about three foot high and quite bushy  -  iy is very easy to take cuttins from and quite colourful


You'd do better to start a new thread Olive. This one is about vine weevil and will not attract people who know your plant.

sorry I put Parott plant in wrong place  but thank you Dovefromabove for your healp

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