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Hi everyone, 

am new to the forum. Please can i get some advice of how to get rid of bugs and insect in the soil.


What happened is last week i removed all my old old, and underneath them i could find all types of insects. 


Please can you advise how i can treat the soil, as i cant afford of buying new soil.






How do you know they were nasties?  The rule of thumb I follow is if they move fast they are goodies.  If they move slowly they are baddies.

Gardening Grandma

That's an intriguing idea, Welshonion. BTW, I was in your neck of the woods yesterday and fantasising about buying a property among all that glorious countryside. I live further down the M4.

Were these creatures everywhere, Illi, or concentrated in a particular area?


When there aren't bugs in your soil it's time to worry. Most of them are on our side, just a few no so welcome.


Welcome iltafB 

As with welsh onion I have always thought the good guys move fast.

Imsects are part of life.  I suspect you may have wood lice. In the garden soil there is a mass of living matter's what makes it healthy and fertile.

Cultivation and regular growing will enable birds to get in there and take some of the nasties 

Enjoy your garden


Hi Iltaf- can't add any more to the comments already made-all spot on!

Hope you enjoy developing your garden, and it's amazing what tips you can pick up from all the helpful people here. That's been my experience anyway 

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