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Rose lady

Can somebody please advise me.

Ive grown some beautiful alliums this year in our herb garden, as you can see from the photo. sadly two flower heads have simply come away from the crown of the plant. Has a giant bird flown down and snapped it off? The break is straw yellow in appearance?


Rose lady

Sorry this picture is on its side

Thank you for helping x



Mine are the same, snapped of at about 2 inches from the head, not a clue why, but could be slugs, I will be intersted to hear other views on this.


I blame the kids...eye witness account!

Other than that mine are fine, heads firmly attached, stalks still strong. I planted my bulbs on a bed of sand and followed instuctions on the pack but I don't know if this made a difference or if it's to prevent them rotting over winter.



If the stem comes away at the base then that is fairly normal, once the plant flowers the stem is only barely attached to the bulb. If snapped off  up the stem then blame molluscs. They have a habit, in this garden at least, of eating haf way through the stem.


Rose lady

Thank you fellow gardeners for your kind advice

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