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No message has appeared- so a bit more info-but ants do not eat fruit trees

I live in Portugal and am having trouble with ants. They seem to be under the bark of my apricot and pear trees. Recently I have lost 2 pear trees and the locals tell me it is due to ants. I have numerous 8'' 'roads' going round my land from tree to tree and expecially my compost heap.I have also lost a pomegranite tree and a few well established shrubs. What can I do?


It is not the ants doing the initial damage-they may be moving afterwards-find out what is damaging the trees and you are half-way there

Perhaps you could post a picture or two?

What part of Portugal-what is the local solution?

flowering rose

In spring I always put a rag soaked in veg oil around the fruit trees,this stops the ants farming the aphids or what ever on the trees.

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