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We have just inherited our garden last October, and we're finding all sorts of surprises popping up all over place this spring.

Now we've managed to identify most thing apart from these.

Do any of you lovely people know what they are? 

They look to be an enormous kind of Lily of the valley (So my Mam tells me). All I know is they are bulbs (there where some snowdrops growing near by I dug up and, dug some of these up too thinking they where snow drops!) and the biggest ones are about 2ft / 3ft tall.

 Thank you ????


It's called Solomon's seal. It is a perennial. Mine get chomped every year by some gruesomely fat, grey little caterpillars but the comeback the next year, stronger than ever.

It's polygonatum, or Solomon's Seal. I got one last year. Great for a shady border.

Thank you everyone :0) It has been driving me round the bend for weeks trying to find out what they where! 

We have masses of them growing under a pine tree, the picture only shows about half of them. 

Thanks again 


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