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Hello all,

Sorry I don't have a photo, but something is nibbling my early shoots of my Blue Hobbits and Sea Holly, and also leaves of my Veronica Hybrid (Spike type). Are they slugs and snails still active,, because it's mild? I cant think what else would be eating them? I have never had slugs attack the Veronica and I've had them for 4 yrs so I was surprised to find most of the leaves gone. Any ideas?




Something is eating plants here as well. last year half my hellebores lost their heads and this year some corydalis, a large dandelion and assorted other perennials have been nibbled. I suspect mammal. I haven't decided which one yet. Last year I thought muntjac, but I'm not sure I'm right.


It's been so mild that yes, slugs and snails could be active now.  I shall be scattering a few wildlife friendly slug pellets near any young shoots, including bulbs, that have been encouraged to grow by the warmth.    You'll need to do it regularly until late May - scatter thinly and repeat after rain - to get them as they emerge from hibernation or hatch from eggs and before they manage to munch your treasures or breed and make the problem even worse.

We don't get any deer around here it's too urban and the back garden in totally enclosed, I hope you find out what it is getting your plants, Nut.  

Where do you get you wildlife friendly slug pellets from Obelixx, I tried some a few years ago and they just dissolved in the first rain we had. I used beer traps last year and they worked well, but it's been too wet to put them out.



Stacey Docherty

Slugs and snails are most definitely about and their babies are loving the mild weather.... My hellibore babies are being munched like mad



Perhaps you could put the pellets under cover - a container with an open side facing away from the worst of the weather, or under evergreen shrubs/hedging. That way, they might last long enough to do the job. I don't use them myself, but with the amount of rain we've had this year I expect you'd be out every couple of hours replacing them!


MM - I'm in Belgium so I buy a brand called ESCAR-GO! which is quite amusing.  In the UK I think they're called Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer.

Ooh that is a good name, I shall investigate, thank you.


Yes. Or at least *something* is out there. My Swiss Chard that had been happily growing away producing such beautiful colours now looks like its been shot at with an air rifle there's so many holes in the leafs. I also found a caterpillar type bug a few weeks ago merrily grazing in the garden!

flowering rose

They are still out there nibbling and if they get the chance they are in the kitchen! but even with the deluge of rain they are still about .


It always amazes me that slugs and snails aren't an endangered species by now by the number of slug pellets that are for sale in the shops.  They are a number one tough survivor.

Maybe one day there will be a 'Save the Slug' campaign.

flowering rose

hope not! although they are appealing when they are not being a pest .

There are some good slugs which shouldn't be squished because they eat other slugs and only eat rotting vegetation. In my last garden I had these amazing yellow slugs with grey/blue antennae, stunning creatures (well I thought so). So maybe we should have a save the slug campaign, well as least the ones who don't make holes is Swiss Chard! Sadly I don't have the yellow slugs anymore, just the normal beasts.

Ooh just found this website called slugwatch.. Have a look if you want to find out which are gardeners friends etc. They are trying to track the spread of the Spanish Slug, Maybe I shall take up slug spotting as a hobby. hehe.




I left some upturned pots at the back of the house for a few weeks, and when I tidied them up the other day they were full of small slugs. Those ones are now ex-slugs! But it's rabbits that are nibbling my plants at the moment.

Don't get slugs or snails where I am........

I'm in the kitchen ........I'll get my coat ......


The squirrels have started on the hellebores as a change to camellia flowers.


I'd agree that it's mild enough for slugs and snails but wonder , with all the saturated ground, if perhaps mice might be forced above ground and having a nibble ?? Just a thought.