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Yup - mine too.
I've been out there since october slicing off their heads, but still they keep coming.
The seeds must remain viable for years - this battle has been on-going for so may years now I've no idea where they keep coming from. 


Not just sees but little bulbil thingies too.   I just keep pulling or scalping depending on where they are.  Dare say I'll be at it for years but there are already fewer than there were and less vigorous as I take out the big strong jobbies.

I have a triangular raised stone wall bed in which a clump of these does battle with some very bog standard hemerocallis.  In summer the H's win then succumb to drought but right now the arums are in full leaf.  We'll end up digging them all out and I'm tempted to plant my horseradish that won't get past the stone walls - or maybe something completely different and pretty.

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