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The edges of the leaves on m Bay ball have turned yellow. I re-potted it last summer using a mixture of multi purpose compost and some home made compost. I'm wondering what I've done wrong. Any ideas?


The yellow leaves are symptomatic of a wide variety of problems. yellowing leaves could indicate a drainage problem but it could really be anything. Is it outside? Consider overwatering or lack of sunlight. It could just be the natural cycle of bay tree plant life and therefore you have done nothing wrong. 

Bay is a Mediterranean plant and doesn't like wet feet. Regular watering should be dictated by when the soil has dried out, not by a set schedule.

Hope this helps.




If it's in a pot, with all the rain we've had the nutrients may have all washed out.


Yes it's outside in a pot with good drainage. In the early years I used to put it in a cold greenhouse through the winter, but now that it's bigger I leave it out. It seemed to thrive last year outside even with the bad weather, and even had little flowers on for the first time. I really don't want to lose it as I've grown it from a 20p  4 inch cutting from a car boot.!

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