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Does anyone know what could be causing the leaves to fall off my beech hedge. They have stopped on in previous years but this year they have started to fall away, starting from a small area in the centre of the hedge and now spreading both ways leaving the hedge looking bare


Ihave a patch like that. It is in the part of the hedge that is driest, due to the overhanging oak tree. I assume its because of the hot,dry summer.

hollie hock

I would say it's just the time of year unless what you are seeing is unusual  in any way. Got two beech trees and some beech hedge twiglets and they are starting to grow brown. There's been some stubborn leaves on the beech trees that don't seem to drop, they just hang there

In reply to "hollie hock", it is definitely unusual. The leaves normally turn brown and stop on through the winter, but at the moment we have a large bare area that is getting bigger by the day.


Mine is okay, just turning bronze, it does keep most of it's leaves until spring. I have watered it during very dry summer, currently had rain for 5 days. Soz but I can't help you Taffsdad. Posted so you will move back up and someone might know what is wrong.



If I remember correctly, beech hedges retain their brown leaves because they're clipped so most of the shoots are young growth.  Older growth drops its leaves as on beech trees.  My best guess is that if you clip back the twigs/branches in the area where it's dropping leaves, this time next year it will retain them.

In short  keep the growth as young as possible and it will retain its leaves.  


The OH cuts in in August. It usually retains its leaves until spring,but there is a patch in the dry spot, where all the leaves have droped.


Possibly if it was too dry it wouldn't have put on much young growth?

I'm hoping to plant a beech hedge soon - can anyone tell me please if

I've left it too late for  this year, as my local GC doesn't have any beech

hedging at all?

Thanks FB I'll check that out!  So glad I haven't left it too late for this year! 

In reply to "Dovefromabove", I did clip the hedge this year as I have done in recent years, only this year I clipped it mid June not as late on in the year as I have done it before, second week in July. Do you think this could have caused the problem?.




If you clip it early, it makes new growth which then falls in autumn.  We always cut the beech in August.


Flowersforbees- the hedging companies supply bare root hedge from November through to March so you should be fine ordering it just now. I've got some coming this year from Hopes Grove nursery - ordered online. Used them before and they were very good. 

Thanks a lot Fairygirl - will let you know what happens!

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