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I have grown a bush begonia and a trailing begonia.

I think I've not reared it very well as they both have massive 'stalks about 2 feet long with a diameter of about 2 inches.   The flowers appear on these stalks.

Should I have 'pinched the stalk out or something ?




Whatever you should have done-it is to late now-is this indoors or outdoors?

I find they just naturally branch

They were both outdoors.

Yes, I appreciate its too late now,  but I need to know what I did wrong !



Where and when did you start them off?


If you have a picture then please post it, someone here will know what is up with them. 


I'll post the photos tomorrow.

I overwintered them in the shed.  They took a long time to shoot before I planted them out in the garden.

All your help is much appreciated


Alina W

You may have kept them in too low a light situation, and too warm, before planting out, or you might have done nothing wrong. The thick stem is normal on some of the big-flowered varieties, and the length isn't too extreme. No, don't pinch them out - that will lose  the first, and largest, flower.


 The white bush type (see picture) to my unpractised eye looks ungainly owing to the bulky stem.   I heard something about pinching out the female flowers (?) or am I going mad ?

Thanks again for all your helpful contributions !


They are growing sideways

It is the smaller female flowers-not male- you are supposed to remove to get a bigger flower-frankly I don't bother

It may be as Alina says just the variety or lack of light

The trailing one was not what I expected-it looks fine to me.

I don't think you have anything to worry about

OK ... I'll have to plant other things with it to disguise the bits I don't like then !

Its OK in a pot isnt it ?




Yes-it is fine-you might find next year it will squatter-perhaps make it a central feature in a larger container?

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