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When weeding this afternoon I found quite significant balls of clear jelly - some as big as...... 3 grapes! They were not joined by tracks of jelly and were throughout the border, largely out in the open. It was in 2 particular areas, one shade and one sun.Are these large blobs slug related? I tried to pick it all up and threw it in the waste....or just dug some in the soil! It is a relatively new garden and we actually had very few slug related 'injuries' last year. Should I prepare myself !!!?

I think they're the water retention stuff that is in some compost and growbags - when they get thoroughly soaked they look blobs of jelly.  

As far as I'm aware slug and snail eggs come in clutches, and are much smaller than 3 grapes!


I wish I hadn't looked at those!  Yuck.  In the past I have found lumps of snail/slug eggs but I don't believe that they were as big as 3 grapes.  Also, they were not out in the open, they were in damp nooks and crannies.


I know exactly the kind of blobs your talking about. I found a few in my pots after a heavy rainfall last week, they've since disappeared. I wouldn't worry to much about them - sorry but I can't give a definitive answer, but I reckon its probably just water retentive gel, as they didn't appear to be anything inside them.



Sorry KG I only put the link on because I remember someone asking about jelly blobs somewhere else  Some of the fungus does look like grapes

Pam x

So helpful - thank you all. I think the images were really useful, but no, none of them are particularly similar. I'm going to hope it was the water retentive gel. That would make sense as I would have put some new compost on these areas. Nothing to worry about - was dreading having giant slugs! Thanks again

It might be aliens...but as it's been so dreadfully wet everywhere of late, it probably just is expanded water-retaining crystals.  If they start turning green and grow legs, it's definitely aliens...

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