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When weeding this afternoon I found quite significant balls of clear jelly - some as big as...... 3 grapes! They were not joined by tracks of jelly and were throughout the border, largely out in the open. It was in 2 particular areas, one shade and one sun.Are these large blobs slug related? I tried to pick it all up and threw it in the waste....or just dug some in the soil! It is a relatively new garden and we actually had very few slug related 'injuries' last year. Should I prepare myself !!!?

I think they're the water retention stuff that is in some compost and growbags - when they get thoroughly soaked they look blobs of jelly.  

As far as I'm aware slug and snail eggs come in clutches, and are much smaller than 3 grapes!


I wish I hadn't looked at those!  Yuck.  In the past I have found lumps of snail/slug eggs but I don't believe that they were as big as 3 grapes.  Also, they were not out in the open, they were in damp nooks and crannies.


I know exactly the kind of blobs your talking about. I found a few in my pots after a heavy rainfall last week, they've since disappeared. I wouldn't worry to much about them - sorry but I can't give a definitive answer, but I reckon its probably just water retentive gel, as they didn't appear to be anything inside them.



Sorry KG I only put the link on because I remember someone asking about jelly blobs somewhere else  Some of the fungus does look like grapes

Pam x

So helpful - thank you all. I think the images were really useful, but no, none of them are particularly similar. I'm going to hope it was the water retentive gel. That would make sense as I would have put some new compost on these areas. Nothing to worry about - was dreading having giant slugs! Thanks again

It might be aliens...but as it's been so dreadfully wet everywhere of late, it probably just is expanded water-retaining crystals.  If they start turning green and grow legs, it's definitely aliens...


Can you spot the round jelly ball in picture... it  was found Aug 31, 2017  along with many others, on the wooden walkway and up on the wooden porch . Many remained for several days. The one captured in photo was over 24 hrs old and you could still see thru the jelly substance. I froze  some ,  put some in alcohol and they shrunk , but still remained translucent . Whatever it is I found it really weird that it was the first time I had ever seen or heard of anything like the jelly spheres...jst asking !  .... anybody else find any!


You've lost me, glkaystanton! I can't see any picture either  

Maybe it's just me  

plant pauper

I tried looking in the avatar pic but it's too small.

Could you upload a picture by using the little camers icon top right of the text box please? Giz a better squizz at what we're looking for...

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