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My outside Ivy young leaves are turning black and curling up.Does anyone know what it is and how to treat it? Many thanks in advance.



It could be that they've crept through the fence from the shady side and been very soft and tender and been scorched by the sun - it has suddenly turned very warm here over the past few days - if this is the case the ivy will become acclimatised and will be ok.

My other thought is that it could be weedkiller damage. 


Have you seen all those tiny aphids in your photo!!! There is your problem.


Thanks Dovefromabove, I just assumed it had caught a disease. 


Yes I've seen the aphids. That's my next job!!



Oooh yes, I should have enlarged the pic - aphids - that's the problem, not weedkiller - and the fact that the growth is soft is just what the aphids love 

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