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Hi, ive recently purchased my first house and decided to make a flower/plant bed. I planted cordyline, azalea, spurge Ascot rainbow. Daisies, pansies, lillies and primroses. I chose all these purely because I liked the looj of them. I had a lot of problems with bugs, slugs, greenfly, red lily beetles (which caused me constant headaches) caterpillars and some white bugs in the roots. Being new to gardening I researched one problem at a time and tried to eliminate it. Basically all the bug problems seem to be on the flowers rather than the shrubs and I was hoping people could advise on some flowers that dont attract pests as I dont get a lot of gardening time. The pansies I planted where fantastic and are still going strong although the primrose where disappointing, and the lillies where a nightmare due to the beetles. Any advise would be great thanks.

Welcome to gardening. You have now discovered nature. 

You do seem to of had it hard though, so hope we can help

What is your set up and how long. (all the details please, including the way the beds face and what you put in it soil wise. Please)


Edd. (pics help)

Hi edd, ill try and give you ad much info as possible, I have a south facing garden, bed is at the end of it, ill attatch a pic but might be from a month or so ago. I planted everything in april. I dug out about a foot of heavy clay soil and filled it with bags of compost and fertilizer.
Still trying to work out how to attach a picture.. haha

You say south facing, is there a wall or hedge that blocks light in the morning/evening? 

You know what we mean. we have no idea of what you have.

Clay soil is rich and compost is a great start, so well done.

old pics will be fine! 

I guess its 35 acre wide and 40 long, then? Do you see what i mean? lol





Try the icon of a tree about                                                                           ^^^here when you type in.

Dont work from phones unfortunately

I wish, its only a small garden, approx 25ft x 20ft. The bed is built with a 6ft high wall at the back of it. It has partial sun from 8am until 11am, then full sun until 5pm at present. I still cant figure out how to upload a photo. Thanks
Ah cheers for that, will upload a photo from laptop tomorrow

Have u got to the tree icon yet

Edit: we have cross over i guess you are on a phone.


Even the people with the new, eye F ones have trouble down loading pics. The site boffs know about it and are dealing with it. I hope.

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