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Hi all.

First post here and hope someone can help.  I've read several articles this morning about bulb storage, as it's getting that time of year to lift lilies and gladioli. every article says to dust with insecticide/fungicide powder, but I have searched online to find a supplier, but had no luck.

Can anyone suggest an online supplier or product names?


Hi  Don't think there are many fungicides left that are available to the amateur gardener, and I've never used them anyway.

I'd rather make sure the bulbs are well dried out and then store them in net bags in a frostfree garage - I won't use fungicide powders -  I'd rather risk losing a few bulbs and corms than risk losing my health.

Just check the bulbs over every few weeks and remove any that feel soft. 


Same here Dove, just make sure they are dry before you store them Stokkers.  Store them in paper bags or a cardboard box between layers of newspaper and chuck out any bulbs that go soft.

Well, thanks for the tips.  I've bought some paper bags online today and I get plenty of boxes to store them in, so no problem there. Tried to find some nets online, but the smallest I could find, were for storing 25kg.  Just got to make sure I can keep them clear of mice in my shed.

Just had a thought.  I'll have to get some oranges from ASDA next time I go there, as they sell them in nets.

Once again, thanks for your tips.


If you have access to unwanted pairs of tights or stockings they'll do the trick 



I have been known to use this on bulbs for storing.



Whoops that  did not work.

Vitax Yellow Sulphur is a reasonable fungicide for bulbs. Google it for Online suppliers.


Try asking at the pharmacy for flowers of sulphur (precipitated sulphur)

Dove:  That was a good idea, but no ladies around here!

Berghill:  Thanks for the tip.  Have ordered some from Amazon.

fidgetbones:  Thanks for that tip.  I'll ask next time I got to the pharmacy.


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