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Hi all

Does anyone know what tree this is? Just curious... the flowers are really nice

Thank you


One of the flowering cherries from the looks of it 


Thanks Dovefromabove I had no idea... I'm no good with trees .

Can I take cuttings from this?


You can try but they're usually grafted.

Nice single flowers, you should get some cherries (edible or not) let some ripen and you can grow from seed


Yes, Cherry, possibly wild Cherry. You can take cuttings quite easily. Best is to cut off a branch close to the trunk and stick that in the ground where you want it - do that in Oct/Nov and it should root by April and grow away.

I rooted some 3 years ago and gave them to next door. They are now 6ft plus and thickening out now.



Thank you I'll try that x


I think it is wild cherry blairs... I've just had a look through some images on google and they look identical to the picture of mine!

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