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Hi all, 

New to the forum and hoping someone can help in identifying what is wrong with my cherry tree. I'm not sure of the variety but its about 14 years old and is normally healthy, producing lots of cherrys. It sits about 10 feet away from another cherry tree and my concern is that whatever is wrong with it might spread. I have attached a couple of photos to help but in short, nearly all the leaves have died and any cherry buds have gone brown and shrivelled, when I snapped the end of a branch there didn't seem to be any sap in there either.

Any help gratefully recieved.

Wigglyamps (deepest Somerset)







Looking in my pest book this could be Fireblight.  If it is then you have a problem.  Try googling it to get images so that you can compare.


I'm glad it's not that.  Was the only thing that appeared to be like the photo.


If the whole tree looks like that it's dead.

can you see any damage to trunk/branches below the level of the dead bits?


Thanks for the replies, there doesn't seem to be any damage, I looked deliberately for any signs of canker or weeping but I can't see any. I suppose it may be that it has just reached the end of its life 


It seems rather sudden for something to have put on leaves and blossomed then done the equivalent of 'dropped dead'!  

Is there any way the ground around it could have been contaminated with anything?  What about other plants nearby?

No damage to the bark anywhere on the trunk?

There's no contamination as far as I'm aware, we're in a fairly remote spot with no close neighbours, I will check the tree again closely for any sign of damage, as you say, it would be a bit weird to start fruiting and then die. Plants nearby include hazelnut trees, gooseberries, apple trees and another cherry tree which so far seems unaffected.

I've been looking online and I'm wondering if this is leaf scorch, has anyone else had any experience of it, it now looks like it's spreading to the cherry tree next door so I might have to break the chainsaw out as there doens't seem to be cure.


Hmm, from what I've read leaf scorch doesn't do any permanent damage to the tree itself - but you said that the tree appears dead - no sap in the branch that you snapped off.  Have you checked any other branches or the main trunk for signs of life?

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