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This year my carrots as usualwere grown under enviromesh, wateredtwice with carrot fly nematodes. They were super up until September, then riddled with rootfly but still covered, any suggestions?

This happens if you plant in the same ground as last year.
Carrot root fly lays its eggs in the soil near carrots and they overwinter usually flying in June but can also have a second run in August. There are sprays for use against the late flight although I do not like them.
Rotate your crop well away from last years or do as I do plant in pots and lift them high, still cover them with mesh and water carefully although Carrot fly are supposedly low flying?


 I grow fly resistant varieties on allotment, so do crop rotation to try and prevent bugs. They had got onions next to them until they were ready to harvest in September so perhaps companion planting does work.

Gardenbabs, yep companion planting does work. Onions next to carrots, parsley next to spring onions and well away from carrots, tagates in the greenhouse for whitefly. Marigolds in veg garden are supposed to inhibit some nasties in the soil too. Fleece is only sure fire solution to carrot fly but I agree that autumn carrots can be susceptible. When you pick your carrots do you replace fleece ASAP? From May till end August I have clean carrots every year

yes, fleece goes back as soon as harvested, they were fine till august, so can only assume havesting onions, let the fly in, they are perfextly edible, just have to cut affected parts out, which is time consuming, but got 50 lbs from 2 packets seeds so ca'nt complain



hi everyone , i must have been very lucky to have never had this infestation with my carrots but ive always planted mine in hign buckets , apparently the flies cant fly higher than 18 inches or something similar to that effect and ive never used any cloths/mats or sprays ... good luck  

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