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Jess is in the Garden wrote (see)

Has anyone actually heard from Jessica?!

I haven't and am beginning to wonder if I'm perhaps not alone....


Hello Jess,

Having emailed Jessica soon after she posted, she did contact me and asked if I was willing to speak to her.  I agreed and we had quite an interesting conversation.  She mentioned speaking to other people but whether the contact came from this forum, I wouldn't like to say. Don't know if you are a cat owner or not but I understand the proposed documentary is going to look at both sides of the problem so it may be worth you contacting her again. Whilst the majority of the posts on this forum related to the unwanted cat mess in the garden, the bigger issue was the predation of wildlife - which is serious and should be debated.

Anyway, I hope you manage to speak with Jessica and put your point of view. 

My neighbours cat has taken the frogs and newts from my pond. When I heard "look he's brought us another baby dragon" I could have cried. We now have no newts or frogs left.


Gosh, what an upsetting thread. Labelling anyone who has a cat as irresponsible? Heavens above! There is so much joy to be had from gardening and also many many challenges. Just as there is so much joy to be had from owning a pet - any pet.  They all come with the odd negative, as do human beings....displayed here by the attitudes of people who can't just live and let live and perhaps think on...ask my best friends severely disabled son (wheelchair bound after being hit by a drunk driver) who started talking and interacting with his family again after being giving a cat to take care of. I can't begin to describe what a positive effect it had on him and their family. So next time folk get upset about an animal doing what it does naturally, think on a little bit please. There is often a bigger picture, and lots of far more worthy causes to vent your frustrations on. I hope this thread ends here.


Hear, hear, Tootles! And humans do much more damage to the environment than any animal!

I'm with you Tootles. I keep my cat in at night and find that she (and all our previous cats) mainly stay in our own garden and generally don't hunt. I understand that most wildlife are caught at dusk and dawn and my cat is in at those times.

She only goes on her litter, inside, or in our own garden. If I knew of her going elsewhere I would go and clean it up.

As Tootles says, all pets (and children for that matter) come with their negatives, so lets please live and let live.


I am really sorry if my posts on this subject upset people .It was not my intention but the subject does warrant some debate.

No sensible person would object to cats as pets.......but the fact is that so many cat owners will not accept that their pets can spoil other people's enjoyment if they do not act responsibly.  Like the majority of people these days, I too object to irresponsible dog owners who allow their pets to foul the streets, play areas, front gardens, etc. but I also object to cats fouling my garden and catching and killing birds and other small wildlife. I also object to those people who buy exotic pets without the least idea of how to look after them but they rarely encroach on a gardener's patch so I don't use the Garden forum to discuss this issue.

 Yes, we humans do cause damage to the environment - but where do you start to improve least let us have the option of discussing a subject sensibly and look at the wider issues. The huge increase in the cat population in the UK is a problem..........our native  wildlife has not yet evolved to cope with it.

The  advantageous relationship between animals and mentally and physically disabled people is well known - it should be shouted from the rooftops ....but that argument shouldn't be used to allow those irresponsible pet owners to despoil life for the rest of us.

This thread might well be upsetting but then again, most serious issues are upsetting to some of us........surely that doesn't mean that we cannot talk about a subject ?

Just as a PS.........the morning after I replied to Jessica (Landmark Films), I walked out of my front door to see a pile of faeces.............I rather like the idea that it was a Cat who objected strongly to my post (but it was probably just a small dog )





Muvs Dashwood

We changed the time of day we fed our two cats so that they aren't hungry and less likely to hunt. We put collars on them with bells but they never last long - someone keeps taking them off. We keep them in, in fact we encourage them to stay inside. I do think its easy to forget how much of a vermin problem we would have if we didn't have them.

My neighbours throw stones at the cats in the neighbourhood and sometimes the cats come in with cuts, swellings, swollen eyes. They also use lasers but right in the cats eyes. I would have no problem with them using water pistols or similar but if I catch them throwing stones I will report them to the RSPCA for cruelty. If you use stones, catapults or anything that harms the cat then you leave yourself liable to prosecution.


I cant believe people would be so cruel as to use catapults or stones, I'm shocked.


I abhor the aggression that is displayed here. Perhaps it isn't intentional, but it really is unnecessary. With so many contradictions and nonsensical comments there is absolutely no point in responding with anything other than a gentle request to plead for folk to please try and be nicer to all who share this little planet of ours. You'll feel better for it, honest!

I'll say no more.

Over and out from me on this thread X

Ashleigh 2

I can see both sides of this issue, gardening is my passion and I have five cats. My cats are all neutered and don't go out at night and thankfully they leave the frogs and toads in my garden alone, one of them used to catch them when she was young but they'd let out such a horrific scream we always knew and she'd drop them unharmed when we shouted at her. I've tried everything to keep them off the garden especially beds that have just been dug over and/or seeded and the best way I've found is to to put in lots of short sticks about 5" apart, the cat then can't sit down to do it's business, you can take the sticks out when the plants are established. It is worrying how many strays and un-neutered cats there are, three of mine were unwanted or abandoned. 

Last winter I had many many birds at the feeders and several mice in the garden as a whole. 30+ house sparrows used to ground feed on seed around the garden and I always had a good few blackbirds dotted about the garden.

This winter, a bird at the feeders is rare and unusual, I have very few blackbirds and no sparrows.

Last winter I spend just short of £80 on feed, this year I have spend less than £20 so far and I'm going to be left much of it the way things are going. I thought at first that the cause was a relatively mild winter and an abundance of natural food.

It wasn't until a week or so ago that I found out why, I now have at least 4 cats visiting the garden on a regular basis.

I've always believed for years though that ALL pets / domestic animals should be mandatorily  licenced, electronically tagged and insured and before anybody can have a domestic animal they should first attend a mandatory college course and obtain a certificate to prove the course was completed which must list the animals and breeds that the bearer is allowed to keep and look after.  The course should establish if the person(s) are fit and able to have an animal, if the property that the person lives at is a suitable property to house an animal.

Animals capable of inflicting injury should be mandatorily muzzled at all times including the home.

Any domestic animal outdoors at any time unattended should be caught, if untagged it should be destroyed, if tagged the owner fined at least £100 plus costs incurred.

Farmers, I believe have a right to shoot dogs harassing livestock, should we have the right to shoot a domestic animal (cats) trespassing and unattended in our gardens causing damage, death to our wildlife and general disruption!?

Should cats permanently wear Muzzles and a chastity belt that covers and restricts the animals complete rear end!?

When the cat goes home it can then be fed at one end and cleaned up at the other by the owner!

Perhaps cats should wear "Cat Nappies" after all this can't be cruel because we apply Nappies to our own children for the first few years of their lives.

A muzzle should be worn by any animal that can inflict injury or death to any other creature or person including dogs and cats, I'm sure there are other pets and animals too.


If anyone needs to be muzzled, I think it should be you, Mark Feather!


Oh Mark

Yes you have opinions we all have, but you must be a very foolish man if you think you can post your opinions and hope to stand any chance of having even a tiny grown up discussion on a forum where there will be many passionate cat owners / animal lovers who think the human race a disgrace and will be ready and waiting to jump down your throat.

I respectfully advise YOU ALL bite your tongue on this thread so that we can ALL let it die a dignified death. Don't feed those fishing for arguments with your passionate posts - your enthusiasm is being very poorly placed as I am sure we have several members who get great pleasure in keeping threads alive purely to see how much trouble they can cause.

This thread is going no where. We will not achieve an outcome - the original poster has not been back to the forum as far as I'm aware. Lets be sensible, close it down and move on to better things.


just for your info Jessica the original poster in fact has been in touch with me we spoke yesterday about the program the BBC want to make about this cat problem,the team are collecting peoples opinions on the subject,anyone wishing to air there views can contact her in her first post,i do agree with Clarington that we must put our views in a reasonable fashion and not insult or sound threatening or harsh,but to drop the subject i think not as too many people have a genuine problem and have the same right to air there views,without discussion problems do not get understood or maybe even solved,so anyone who does have a view may want to get in touch with Jessica, as she is genuine.

Yep I agree............Jessica will contact you and discuss if you put your point of view sensibly and don't just have a rant.

BTW, is that cat auditioning ?  Could be he will join Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr ?  Or is he too young

I love cats, but hate them messing in my garden and scratching up my veg seeds in my veg plot, I put netting over my veg seeds to stop them doing it, what did I get, they pooped all over the netting, probably telling me off as they could not scratch.  We have so many cats around where I live and they all seem to want to poo in my garden, over my front and back lawns, they just squat their backside over my plants even the prickly ones, they do not seem to care where they do it and the stench is bad makes me feel sick and you have that stench up your nose for hours.  I have used everything the shops sell, teabags with olbas oil, pepper, orange peel, chilli pepper was my last resort last summer, was okay until it rains, garden is probably full of cat poo by now, or hopefully the rain keeps them away.  We need some good ideas that work.  Saw on Alan Titchmarsh this afternoon 30.01.2014 that they do deterrents that spurt a shot of water, but why should we have to pay for someone elses cat messing every where.

My neighbour has a black cat that sits under his ivy hedge waiting for the birds at his feeder, lost count of the birds that it has on a daily basis when the weather is dry, he has even cut the hedge up so the birds can see it.

I am a cat and dog owner and I have to say in defence of cats that it is their irresponsible owners to blame. My cats are provided with a large and regularly cleaned out litter tray and given collars with bells to help prevent hunting. I also try and keep them in at dusk and other main hunting times. There is a collar called a liberator, I believe which emits a sonic noise, scaring birds away. I have read much on the decline of birds such as sparrows and it is environmental issues that appear to be killing off our birds... cats appear to have become a scapegoat.
And to be honest, I cannot believe the unreasonable, hysterical , aggressive ranting going on...for goodness sake there are bigger issues to be concerned about, such as the fact children are still dying of starvation in our world...some people need to get a grip and look at the bigger picture.