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Lion poo... we got some from a garden centre and it worked wonders

Jess is in the Garden

Really Nicky? That's interesting coz it did naff all in our patch!

Cannot believe there are people out there using broken glass

Apparently Coleman's mustard powder works well too - as Kellie says - strong smells.

Works brilliantly for me too, but you have to keep it up.

Peat B

I  did mention lion or tiger poo, but it was poo poo'd earlier.

Now, on closer consideration, I wonder what elephant droppings, ( ho hum ) or heffalump dumps are in comparison to rabbits eggs . This could prove interesting. Which is more rain resistant ? 

I STILL think that apart from all this drama and para comedy stuff, to leave sun glasses partially hdden under some plant, leerinng out to where the moggy goes, is by far the most efficient scare tactic, or tictac. My dear old cat, down in St.Just, near PZ, nearly had kittens when the 'eyes' peered out from under the leaves. Nearly crapped himself,  and that's putting it politely !!!!!!


Angela King - sorry, I've forgotten how to "quote" what you wrote.

The ultrasonics I have read about, and the one I had, have a Movement Sensor covering only part of a full circle. Effective sound range also varies with the model, but "up to 10 metres" is my guess, though I've read the comment that mains adapters are better than batteries, and batteries, of course, are a hassle and the cost is ongoing. 

I'll write some notes in a new thread when I have some experience with the CatWatch and mains adapter I have ordered.




 Hi allI have so enjoyed reading all of the posts about ( trespassing cats).They made me laugh so much, i put down  chicken wire where seeds are set.  I have a problem with people with dogs!My garden is on street in town,  dogs walk by peeing on all of my plants that,tumble through railings, and poo if the owners think they are not observed!!I have tried dog off,disso, shake and vac, I thought if it makes me sneeze it will them!!!I too have conciddered a pistol' not for the dogs, but the owners!!! 


My CatWatch (ultrasonic deterrent) has just arrived and is now protecting (?) my front flowerbed, being located on the lawn 14 feet from the bed and pointed at the centre of the bed, so that the claimed 100 degree Motion Detector zone should include the whole flowerbed.

[ Detection range is claimed to be up to 40 feet. ]

It may also detect the neighbours, and the postman, so if I stop getting mail, I shall know what has happened.

Interesting comments in the Instructions include:

"Reactions vary from immediate flight, to the cat walking towards the unit and settling down in front of it!" [ And forgetting about its toilet needs? ]

"Some white cats, older cats and exotic breeds are by nature hard of hearing in the upper hearing range and may not be affected."

"Deaf cats will not be affected." [ That's logical! ]

Well, we'll see. So far, it's more fun than lion poo . . . 


I can fully sympathise with the problem,  I like cats, those who live too far away to use my garden as a loo, and have tried most things that have been suggested including a air rifle over the years.  Over the last few years there has been an increase in the cat population and as I have a large garden both front and back,  sonic equipment is too expensive to install especially if it doesn't work.  There are at least 6 cats using the garden as a loo, mating place, caterwauling in the early hours, and fast food take away, they hang round my bird feeders.  I would love to see legislation to make cat owners responsible for their pets by training them to use litter trays preferably positioned in the middle of their lounges so they could get the benefit of the smell. Some one once told me that cats were not treated in law the same way dogs are but were classed as feral animals?  He then had an argument with the Police as to why if the were feral he couldn't shoot them. 

Peat B

I reckon that the National Grid might have something up their sleeves, if approachd in the right way. 24000 volts zapping a mog in mid tail twitch would send a message at the speed of light, to any cat, as well as burglars, missionaries,sales persons, bailiffs, county court representatives, canvassing politicians, morris dancers and homeless spoon and washboard players !

If anyone can try this out, let the forum know the result !

I do have cat litter trays in my house & a special sand box in the garden but you cannot force a cat to use them if they have access to outside. I have 3 cats, the older one will come back in to use the trays but the two younger ones won't. They use them when they are shut in & use the outdoor one most of the time when they are out.

There is a difference within the law between cats & dogs but I couldn't tell you the exact wording. I'm not going to get into an arguement about this because I don't need the stress. However I am able to have cats, dogsa garden. This is NOT because cats won't use their own garden....they will!

Patty 3

I had a row with a man and his dog who used to walk past my house as I was leaving for work. This one morning I was just getting in my car when he passed by and then let his dog stop and crap outside my gate. I was livid to say the least as a few days prior to that my partner had transfered some from his shoes onto the hall carpet.  I did hear of one lady who was working in the garden when the same thing happened to her,  as she was wearing gloves she picked it up and called to the dog owner that she thought they had dropped someting. as they held their hand out she dropped the pile of poo into it. I wonder if she did that thing whereby you fold the other persons hand with yours so it squished through their fingers.

Elizabeth Winstanley wrote (see)

. . . . they hang round my bird feeders. . . . .

It might be worth thinking about a CatWatch (ultrasonic) just covering your bird feeder area. Whether it works, I don't know yet, I have only just installed it (with the mains adapter so that I can forget about batteries, and the signal is claimed to be stronger with the adapter).

The RSPB say that it works, they apparently ran tests and they sell it. I think there is a report about it on their website.



Tried all the tips here and nothing works, cats soon forget and creep back in the garden when they think you are not looking, the house next door to me has twentyfive dogs barking in the garden, the only thing that doesn't go in my garden is me!!!!!! the cat's know that the dogs can't reach them in my garden so they stroll around with impunity, heads and tails stuck in the air, you can almost see the snicker on their faces, and maybe like dogs they would roll in the Lion or Tiger pooh to disguise themselves to go and beat up other cats and put the fear of the king of the jungle into every living creature.

Peat B

POOH ???   TIGGER ????   TIGGER ?   POOH ? where are we going with this ?

I purchased cat repellent sticks - brown hard plastic with a scent. Seem them advertised in a builders hardware but actually got them in 'Lakeland' the cooking/baking outlet - THEY WORK.

Approx 50mm is stuck into floor bead and a protruding brown 75mm slick puts out a scent.

5 sticks where approx. £5

Andy McCloughlin wrote (see)

. . . . 5 sticks were approx. £5

How much space between them, and how long are they claimed to last?


5 sticks were approx. £5

That seems rather expensive if they are not planted miles apart, and how long are they supposed to last. A couple of years would be reasonable at that price or even 1 season at a push.  Perhaps once the scent had gone off them they could be used to hit the cats instead!

Peat B

You could always start up a 'catalogue' !

My neighbour on one side reckons saucers of anti-freeze do the biz, or chopped-up jelly fish! I was thinking of trying to get one of those old air rifles that you used to see at fairs, which fired corks!

Anti-freeze is poisonous to pets!!!