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Trying to stop the local moggy pooing on our lawn. Tried scattering orange peel which I thought was doing the trick but seemingly not effective enough. Don't really want to get an ultrasonic thing as I can hear them. ANy other ideas?


You can search this forum for lots of other threads on cat poo.

The general consensus is that a water scarecrow is the most effective permanent solution.  Google the name for info.


See the 'stopping my cats weeing and pooing on my garden' thread, someone has posted on it this morning about a product they use.

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I feel you at the moment. They keep messing under the leylandii hedges at night, then the puppy comes along and decides to make a meal of it the next day before coming in to lick me. God knows what we could be picking up 


Supersoaker.......probably not approved by the RSPCA but cats don't like being soked with a jet of water.

hollie hock

The only thing I've heard that works is soaking some teabags in Jeys fluid, best put in a plastic container of some sort. They don't like the smell and move on


Water scarecrow is the only thing that works here. Brilliant.

I've tried every r***y so called solution. Nothing else is any use. 

 I bought a cheap one and it's fine. Best 20 quid I've ever spent. 


Ooh what a bargain Fairy! Do you remember where you got it from? 


I'll have a look for you Mark. 


Hi Mark - it's the PestBye Water Jet Spray Repeller to give it the full title. Have  a look on eBay - that's where I got it.

Not as fancy or robust as the Contech one, but a fraction of the price. There are quite a few available though   

They are clever creatures and always manage to find a spot somewhere! 

I have just dug a patch for bulbs so I thought I  would 'out-wit' them by laying canes in a crisis-cross plus Holly around the edges...

One on the paving slab next to it AND one in the middle of the plot! They probably find it very amusing - gggrrrrrrr!


Thank you Fairy, really appreciate it 


Mark - I find it leaks a bit where the hose connector joins,  but a bit of plumber's tape helps. It certainly does the job  



Interesting discussion on R4's Today programme about 8:15 ish - at the risk of stirring up a hornets nest, listen again. 

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