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Hi all

Im sure this is an old and boring question...but do I need to change the soil in my raised bed? I didn't use it last year and it is full of weeds and cat poo.



Two tiered but at its deepest about 50cms



Cat poo is unpleasant for us but won't hurt the soil, there's always something in the garden, that's nature. Weeds need digging out if they're invasive perennials or digging in otherwise. 

What are you going to grow?

Hmm well I was semi-successful with herbs lettuces courgetts corn beetroot

basic kitchen stuff really. any suggestions very welcome



Fantastic thank you. my hubby will be relieved that Im not going to make him dig the whole thing out!

Just want to make sure that my veg isn't going to be contaminated-yuk!

Gardening Grandma

Brilliant tip, Swiss Sue. There's another thread about cats at the moment - I'm going to try to put it on there. Ah - you've already done it.

Terence Jones

I have a small raised bed that used to be troubled with cats, until I found the answer.

Green plastic coated chicken wire cut to the width of the bed, and laid across for full length.

Easily lifted one at a time as required to sow seads, then replaced until the plants grow through the mesh. As the plants get established and before they get too big, I lift that section of mesh and hang it in my shed till required again. As I harvest crops I fork over that section of soil and sow the next crop, replace the mesh on top again.

End of season I clear the bed removing weeds etc, and leave covered with mesh over winter. This gets the cats out of the habit of using this area as a toilet.




My daughter used to have terrible trouble with neighbours cats invading her garden, she has put 6inch nails in the top of the fence and strung two rows of fishing line really tight across and wrapping it round the nails to keep it tight. they hate jumping up there now and the situation is much better.

Jeyes fluid sprayed round the edge of the plots also works, but is quite expensive.

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