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 Well, we moved into our new home and in the front garden there is a fab tree! Its a cherry which must be grafted as its half white and half pink when its in blossom!!

However its a bit enthusiastic to say the least and although I don't know whether is a sweet or acid cherry I do know it needs a hair cut!

Can anyone advise me please?

I've read to do it in the summer and its forming cherries now!!

Thanks Carol



It may not be either sweet or acid.

Without being able to see the tree properly I think maybe it's an ornamental cherry blossom tree. The rootstock (white flowers)has been allowed to grow and is probably overtaking the desired scion material(pink flowers). I may be wrong but it's quite a common thing to happen and the cherries that you get will be very small, coming from the rootstock.

Thanks Digger Sean, any advise on pruning?

I can take another picture if it would help?


Trouble with pruning is it can stimulate even more growth than before. Taking out large branches of cherry tree also runs the risk if disease entering the tree. I would suggest maybe getting a tree surgeon in to take a look and give advice. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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