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We're on our way then


Blimey - when I think of how much I had to hack off the one I moved last summer - must have been several thousand quid's worth!  

You 'was robbed' Charley - and unfortunately smaller plants establish quicker....

Erm, excuse me but please do remember that I live on the Isle of Man.  Try adding on courier charges for two four foot cherry laurels to what you would pay in the UK and I think you'll find that the price would come out much the same as what I have paid.  We're very happy with the laurels and the fact that they will soon be higher than the fence has done the job as far as we're concerned.  Having done some research before buying bigger plants, we reached the conclusion that on this occasion buying bigger plants was the best idea and yes, they will take longer to establish but again, being on the Isle of Man they should have established well before the frosts set in. 


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