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Help! My Christmas tree needles are turning brown. The tree lives in a pot in the garden in sheltered position, but over the last month the needles are going brown. What can I do to save the tree? Thanks

Being in a pot won't be doing it any good. These type of trees need lots of nutrients and water.


Doesn't sound good. I suspect it has had it.


I think it's too late too but you could try reviving it with one soluble aspirin dissolved per pint of water.  It contains salicylic acid which is a natural growth hormone found in willow plants and can help sickly plants.


I bought what was supposed to be container grown xmas tree this year, and planted it out in a large container after xmas. It was clearly not grow in the container but containerised by chopping off most of the roots. 

I didn't give it much chance of survival, and i was right. It was doing ok, until those cold easterly winds, which did it in. 

I liked the idea of having a tree which we could just bring in the house at xmas, and put back in the garden for the rest if the year, but it seems you need to be very careful about the difference between container grown and containerised, as the latter will apparantely rarely survive.


We planted a very small Christmas Tree "santa" gave it to our little friend but she didn`t have a garden so we have it in ours. Thing is, its grown brilliantly for 5 years but this last couple of weeks the needles seem to be going brown but are staying on the tree... I hope we don`t lose it, we are so happy the way it has grown and there is a new light green shoot at the top and lots of "buds" coming on too. HELP!! Thanks


My son visited Santa about 14 years ago and was given a tree, it's now in a large pot and is about 3ft high and the same in width. It goes a bit brown on the edges and I think it's dying but then grows again. I water it occasionally, daily during the summer, apart from that it's in the way at times - by the side gate so getting the bins past it is a pain, it won't die!!!

We planted a small Christmas tree in the garden about 16 years ago and it is now about 12 ft high but from the centre to about 1ft out the needles have  turned brown is the tree dying.



Hard to tell without seeing it gordon but the inside leaves of a conifer always go brown and fall off. If it looks Ok from the outside it's OK

I have put 2 pictures on this site, One is of the tree facing south which is not as bad as the north facing side

 No good, I put the pictures in the box and save them but then they disappear


this is only the south side, the north side is a lot worse


our tree has gone same way Help is it dying 


My Christmas tree I've had grown in a pot was doing fantastic!  Each year I would pot it on.. A few weeks ago the needles started to dry out and go brown. I thought that either vine weavels had got at the roots or it could be pot-bound, which it was.

I took it out two days ago and plunged it in a bucket of water, as it was really dry. If you look at the picture it has got some new green shoots coming. Is it worth reporting, or is it behond it?


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Vanessa - if the pic won't upload try reducing the size 


Hi does there seem to be an answer to this? I've just joined and read all the posts and can't find an answer? I have a fraser fir which was flourishing and I had planted it outside after buying it (locally from a family run garden centre, where it was grown from) and the branches died off with the needles gone suddenly brown and still quite firmly attached. I cut off small pieces at a time to check for signs of being alive and had to take them all off and part of the trunk, the roots are still firmly in the ground, so I don't know what to do next! I live in the very far up north east of Scotland and have other firs which are fine 


You could upload a photo so we can see the damage Ruth. Generally speaking when a conifer has gone brown it doesn't recover.


My tree was growing but when I put it in to a bigger pot its needles also started turning brown. I have planted it in the garden now so hoping I have saved it.  

This is my tree, what do you suggest? Thanks 


Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I suggest cremation ... your tree is dying and past saving.  All thetips where the freshest greenest young growth should be are brown and dead.  This is because the roots have died.  

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