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In July most of our flowering plants have stopped but thats when i need some flowers.  Ive tried anenome (Japanese) but it only lasted a year.  We  are left with iceplant and honeysuckle for July / aug / sept.  I also throw some nasturtium seeds in to get some colour.  Ive bought lavender to attract the bees but wondered if anyone had any ideas? - i've lost so many to slugs and our clay over the years.


I have clay soil (old brickworks next door) and Japanese Anemone grows well, but they do seem to like being in partial shade.  I also use Penstemon and dahlias to get late summer colour.    


ah thanks!  I had the anenomes in a really sunny border.  Do you grow the dalias from bulbs in the clay soil?


I grow some important to me in pots then plant out and dig up in Autumn, others stay out all year but I know I could lose them at anytime.  I try and put them in the areas that are slightly drier in the winter to try and cut down the risk of them drowning


I've got clay soil and I have several plants that bloom Aug/sept. I love my heliopsis, tall yellow daisy flowers.Like to spread so keep it under control, but it will bloom for a good 8-9 weeks. Valerian, michaelmas daisy, marigolds, golden rod, gaillardia, all seem to love the clay. A favourite is Hypericum 'Magical red star' has pretty yellow flowers which fade and scarlet red berries follow, so the colour goes on for ages.

Hope I've been some help. I keep a diary of whats flowering and when, so I can see at a glance when plants are at their best,

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