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We have had our greenhouse for over a year. It has been utilised a lot this year! What is the best way to clean the panes and to make sure ready for new seedlings. I have heard a sulphur candle is good to kill bugs and fungus.  Does anyone have any experience of using these? Or is it best just to use dilute Keyes fluid?




I just use bleach once per year (September or spring) inside. I do wash the glass (perspex for me) whenever it needs it. Sulpher candle works if you have had problems. You need to remove everything from the GH first.

Thanks Blair's and Mike Allen. Some good advice. 

I usually use hot soapy water with a touch of bleach in and try to do it twice a year in the autumn and again in the Spring before it starts filling up with seedlings. The soapy water gets rinsed off with a power spray. Never had any major infestations and haven't used a sulphur candle.

I also wash down the potting bench and wash all my pots.  

Fab, thanks Zoomer44. Will be spending next weekend on a massive greenhouse clean to get it ready for the spring .



I used a garlic candle to fumigate as you don't need to take any plants out.  You can just use warm soapy water to clean inside and out.  You could use Jeyes fluid but it really stinks and you have to rinse it off because it's toxic.  I use an extendable window squidgy thing for outside and on the reverse is a window blade for getting excess suds/tree debris off.


I have an apricot growing in the g/house, so just used water to clean it with and make sure all pots and trays are well scrubbed in hot soapy water.

Thanks Mrs G. I had never heard of a garlic candle but sounds ideal as I have various overwintering plants in the greenhouse. Seems the general consensus is not to use chemicals (which I feel better about).  Hot soapy water and garlic candle it is! Thanks all. 


Mrs G, I will be getting one of those candles, thank you for the info.

In the days years ago when I grew Tropical plants in my then 10 x 18 foot GH I used Fumigation Cones available from garden centres. I assume they are still available and they were completely safe for plants but NOT for aphids!

I always wash the glass down inside and out with Jeyes fluid in early spring making sure to get into all the nooks and cranny also scrub the paved  floor with the same then rinse down with a hose pipe.


I wash inside and outside with anti bac washing up liquid, and then "mop " inside with a squeezy mop using Jeyes. Used to do from start to finish with Jeyes and a cloth, but got it all over me, even in hair, hate the smell.  

No problem artjak and allium, got mine from Amazon which was cheaper than anywhere else.

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