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I have a young montana which i haven't put proper support up for yet, how much can i prune it back without hurting it? also there's a neighbours montana that grows up over the back of our garden through our fig tree, it's beautiful but HUGE again, want to give it a good prune but don't want to hurt it, it even broke a branch of our tree, my guess is it's never been pruned

Montanas are very can prune them quite severely........if yours is only a baby, I'd let it get some structure before you think of pruning.  Be aware tho, your Montana will eventually do exactly what your neighbour's has done

i know philippa i so love it but i'm awatre of it's out of hand habit... neighbour has a huge one................30 or 40 years old ............and she doesn't prune it this time of year  I get really cross  as it looms over my G/house but then I look and sniff.....that gorgeous choccy I just live with it

Enjoy yours.........let it establish itself and then think about telling it off

flowering rose

I had to prune mine this year as it got to heavy for the support .If its a young one leave until a bit strong before pruning.


Prune after flowering, harder you prune the more it loves it but let it grow a bit first.

Garden Maniac

When it has flowered, cut it back as much as you want to - mine is very forgiving!  I didn't prune it (other than soft stems) for the first 5 years of it's life - still flowers profusely though!  Lovely! 


hollie hock

I had a lovely established  Montana in my last house and no harm was done by cutting it back hard after it flowered. I can't see your neighbour even noticing if you hacked it back a bit.


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