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I have been using Garotta to help break down my compost up until now. I am wondering if it will still help the process in winter - our climate is very cold in the NE of Scotland.


It will still help John.  The composting process is exactly the same in Winter but just proceeds more slowly.  Anything which provides a bit extra Nitrogen will help accelerate composting.


It will slow down in winter anyway. I use  neat urine. It costs nothing and works just as well.

Thanks guys!

No expert

Are you taking the P fidgit?


I pee on my compost bin too. Wife wont for some reason!

I always put as many nettles as I can get on my compost. Nettles are rich in nitrogen, and act as a great (free)accelerator.


No expert. Urine is sterile when it leaves the body, and is a good source of nitrogen which acts as an activator for the bacteria and fungi that are needed to decompose plant material and make compost. It is also known as universal household activator, or in doves case, recycled beer and cider. It's a lot cheaper than garotta. Bob Flowerdew recommends it all the time. You can also use fresh grass cuttings, mixed in with chunky woodier stuff.

No expert

Might just be a step too far for me fidget. Don't use an accelorator on the compost. Lots of turning and add some FYM as i can get hold of a bit of it, got two car trailor loads this year hope to get more in spring. Compost bin seems to be working well, some ready to put un Rhubarb later in the month.



Perhaps I can train my cats to climb in the compost bins to wee.


When I need some recycled beer or cider I just leave a bucket in the downstairs loo - OH knows what is expected of him.  Then water is added so the bucket is half full and I take it down the garden and water the compost heap.  No embarassment for anyone. 


Don't tell my partner but when we move house and have an outside loo I'm putting a bucket in there so I can do my bit for the compost bin!

(No seriously - don't tell him. He wont eat the lettuce grown in the garden in case a slug has been near it. Heaven knows how I'd get him to eat anything he thought I might have put pee compost near!)


Oh dear, bless him!!!  I'd rather eat a lettuce that has been near a slug than one that has grown in a bed covered with slug pellets 

I have ice cream cartons next to my various compost bins for when I need to go, as being a well brought up lady I find it ungainly trying to balance on top of the bins to wee!!!  

I've been doing this since Bob Flowerdew mentioned it years ago.



Jim Macd

Dove, that's the reason I never eat any veg given to me by my neighbours. I just don't know what they've put on it. I once sat down to a sald at my MIL only find it covered in blue slug pellets. She hadn't washed it, needless to say, either. Now she won't eat anything given to her either.

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