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Hello, I have a large conifer, approx, 16m. Not sure what type it is, photo attached. In the last week it has started producing dusty clouds which come out of the tree when the branches are disturbed. Are these clouds some kind of fungal sores? I have not seen the tree do this before during the 15 yrs I've had this garden. Apart from producing this cloud the tree looks fine.  It has been suggested to me that tree may have a fungal disease, which could be dangerous to humans, and will need to be felled! Grateful for any advice!



Flowers Lottie, pollen clouds


It happened to quite a few of us on the forum as we hadn't noticed this happening before.  The weather must be just right at the moment.


I think that's right Forester, some years it's so wet they wouldn't be able to make a cloud like that 


Hi thanks, yes just read another thread about this. I guess it's from having a very wet Jan/Feb and now it's pretty warm (in Lincoln). Pollen - this is harmless? I'm sure it is but I ask as my neighbours are concerned as they have never seen the tree do this before and they have next to it for 35 yrs!



It's what plants do Lotty, asthma and hay fever sufferers will tell you all about trees and their pollen


Thanks for your help - just pollen! This also explains why my daughters asthma has got worse. Phew - no tree felling - I'll go and tell the neighbours 

It's how  plant life goes on.  

barry s

This year I have also noticed it and it covered my new car! 


I thought it was the sand from the sahara

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