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i have brown dead patches on my conifers what is the cause please

Alina W

Depends where they are.

If they're low down they might well be dogs or cats marking.

If high up, it could be conifer aphid. You could try spraying around the  area with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer - I don't think there's a specific killer for them.

You'll have to cut out the brown sections as they won't green up.


Before you go down the spray route, consider all those beneficial insects you might kill.


Its natures way of telling you to take them out and plant something really nice, and natural. 


Lyn my conifers are well kept and shap't  THANK JIM


Agree not a lot you can do about the patches but could it be red spider mite? its what created huge patches in mine.  After I had to get them taken out a friend of my mothers said at the first sign all i needed to do was give them an overhead drench of water to inhibit the mite, on't know if it would work though.  Myconifer hedge is now gone and I agree with lyn, its so much more interesting now


could you have cut it too deeply and hit old wood? as conifers don't regrow from old wood?

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