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We have a conifer hedge which is 3metres hin hieght and getting difficult for r to trim however if the height was reduced to 2m (feet) i am sure I could mange to keep it tidy, I am just concerned if I cut a metre off it may damage the conifers them selves of which I would not want to do.?
I think you,will be ok. Are they Leylandii? As long as you don't cut hard into old make sure you don't cut below any green shoots. Why not cut the height back by say half a metre for now and then cut again harder next spring?
peter gumm

i agree with christopher2, i had an identical hedge years ago and did exactly what he suggested to you, no harm came to the trees.

Alina W

Yes, you can cut them back safely. It doesn't matter if you cut into brown wood when removing the central wood as long as there are some green shoots left on the outer edge to grow.

Hi  I cut one myself without having any idea what I was doing.. I basically hacked at it.  The tree was dead within weeks!  I then paid a tree surgeon to do our long hedge, yes it cost £80, but 3 yeras on the trees are still there and forming a great thick hedge!

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