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Planted one last autumn.  Was doing ok but then flowering seemed to finish early and now leaves turning yellow.  Just read that they tolerate rather than prefer acid soil, and so if leaves turn yellow I should add lime.  Well I'll not be doing that as I have lots of acid lovers.

Do you think that it could be the acidity? If so, will it manage in a pot?  (Still small so hoping can get it out without root disturbance.)

Supernoodle, good morning

Daphne odora aureomarginata grows well down here.  My soil is neutral and good draining.

Is your soil heavy?  I think, yes, it may be too acid but to add lime to your soil would spoil Your garden.  Don't do that....just for one plant.

Its clear your daphne doesnt like your soil.....too heavy, too acidic and prob too wet (?)

I would put it in a pot....don't overpot.....and I would use. John innes number 3.

Good luck Supernoodle 


Cheers Verdun. Will go for a pot - just wantted to check that wasn't a no-no.  Yes, heavy soil but I worked it really well prior. Perhaps too rich as well manured as in the corner of my rose bed.   As for wet - no- not in the spot I've chosen, plus no rain in Norfolk.   Maybe I've been too keen with the watering in.....

Potwise I assume I should go for the final size straight away, rather than work up, given they won't take root disturbance?

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