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Can anyone suggest something that might grow through/on and disguise a Leylandi hedge that has been cut back far too severely. Will it recover? Too big to heave out for  various reasons. Thanks


If it has been cut into brown stems, no it will not recover.  Give it the Heave Ho if you can.

It will give good framework to clematis Montana for years to come.  I've done just that......incorporating a wigwam of galvanised poles for when it does break down.....and the old 7' leylandii cannot now be seen. 


Yes, clematis montana - very easy, virtually no maintenance especially if you are happy to let it grow and spread.  There are beautiful white ones and also several shades of pink.  I think it does need some sun, though - will it get any?

yes it will get sun. Thank you so much every body


Jeanne Bradley wrote (see)

yes it will get sun. Thank you so much every body

One small point Jeanne- just make sure it gets off to a good start by preparing the planting hole well, feeding it with whatever your personal choice is and watering thoroughly. Keep an eye on it till it's established as the conifers will have taken all the nourishment and moisture from the ground around them 

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